About me

So… this is me!

As I already said, I’m Alejandro Rodríguez González. If you arrive to «about me» page I assume that you already take a look to the rest of the webpage and you know what is my work and what I am doing to «survive» 🙂

I started my career in 2008 when I move from my lovely Oviedo (Asturias) to Madrid with the idea of just «work one year in the university while I do the master». The reality finally is that research really captivate me and I made of research my «style of life», making that I stay in Madrid until now. Several times I think if this was a bad decision.. why? Well, it is easy: make science nowadays is something hard, bad paid and unstable. But.. there is no turning back!

About me: I love travel (as most of the people ;-)), I love tattoos and I love partying with my real friends. I also have two female cats (Mia and Ayla) and I really love also to read (but sadly I don’t have too much time).

And.. well, that’s all folks! If you want to contact me, please, use the contact section!