I started my research career working in Universidad Carlos III de Madrid as research assistant. I was involved in several research projects, most of them related with the area of economics/finances, semantic web and knowledge representation. During the duration of these projects I learn several skills which were quite useful for my career.

In this stage I also was working on several projects related with other fields which allows me to develop several skills in different application domains. This fact is reflected in the very different topics that I’ve published, sometimes as main author because I conducted the research or the development behind the research, and sometimes in other positions (as collaborator).

My PhD (more information: here) was the «guilty» of my passion and primary research interest: medical informatics. In this context, I’m very interested in several topics such as:

  • Creation of medical diagnosis systems: It is clear that the knowledge of a physician (as a human) is limited. In this context, expert systems could be very useful to help in the diagnosis processes. I’m very interested in the development of this kind of systems by means of different types of knowledge representation and artificial intelligence techniques.
  • Automatic extraction of diagnosis knowledge: A new line that I’m currently developing is the automatic extraction of diagnosis knowledge from different sources. I’m very interested in the use of natural language processing (NLP) techniques over free texts in order to extract «relevant» concepts about the diagnosis process. The main application behind these processes could be the creation of new knowledge-bases based on the vast amount of information that could be extracted from, for example, Internet.
  • Wisdom of the crowds and diagnosis: It is well known that the diagnostic criterions for the diagnosis of a disease could change for each physician or source of information. I’m quite interested in the creation of processes that could collect these criterions for certain diseases and apply consensus methods in order to create more accurate diagnosis knowledge-bases.
  • Complex networks for disease understanding: The extraction and creation of complex human disease networks to have a better undersanding of the relationships between diseases and it’s applications.
  • And.. more!

Medical Informatics interest basically covers the rest of interests (knowledge representation, semantic web (application of semantic web to medical informatics), artificial intelligence and expert systems.

However, I’m also interested in all these areas separately and applied to other domains.