I started programming with about 12 years. Just small things. Unlike most of the people I didn’t start with «typical» programming languages such as basic. I started with mIRC scripting. In those times I don’t have any idea about programming, so basically, I learn everything by myself. And.. I’ve to say that I did it quite well. My main goal in those times was the development of «bots». Bots were basically a small program that execute some operations in an automatic way after you give an order. Yes, like «robots». I was very proud of one of my bots called |[n0va]|. Sadly I lost all this material.

In those times I also was very interested in «hacking» and «the dark side» of computer science. When I started researching about this, things were very different than nowadays. It was not really difficult to find material about good hacking, but it wasn’t as easy as it is now. And the real problem is that now, most of this material is in fact useless. I think that in my time things were easier because not so many people was interested in doing these things. As part of this «dark interest» I also started with one of the most wonderful things that I think that a computer scientist could do: a virus. I’ll not explain too much about virus and the real challenge that represents the creation of some kind of «artificial life» that spreads from computer to computer. But I could say that even taking into account that I consider virus-writing one of the most difficult existing tasks in programming, I could do a couple of small things when I was in the university.

I just wanted to have an introduction about me and my passion for programming. Sadly, I lost most of this passion when I start working at the university: lots of hours spent working on pieces of code with no real value in most of the cases and with lots of pressure make that I started to hate programming. Fortunately, from time to time I recover this passion and I do software. Just.. useful (at least for me or for the people (family basically) who asked me to do it).

You can take a look to the main (and more interesting) pieces of software that I’ve developed during the last years.